44 of the top startups in the UK

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44 of the top startups in the UK

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As an entrepreneur, it's important to be constantly learning and growing. That's why I'm excited to share this list of the top 40 start-ups in the UK for 2022. These businesses are innovating in several industries, from technology to healthcare to retail. What's most impressive about this list is the variety of businesses represented, showing that the UK start-up scene is thriving and diverse. 

Bloom & Wild

A start-up that has revolutionized the flower delivery market, Bloom & Wild offers customers a convenient way to send and receive blooms throughout the UK. The company has a current valuation of £150 million and employs over 300 people. Utilizing data science, Bloom & Wild provides personalized recommendations for bouquets, arrangements, and tailored gifting solutions.


Founded in 2012, Checkout.com is an e-commerce platform that connects merchants with payment service providers to accept payments online. The start-up's current valuation of £2.5 billion and it is headquartered in London, with offices worldwide. Its technology allows businesses to maximize conversion rates and create seamless customer experiences across multiple countries and currencies.


This start-up produces high-quality activewear for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, focusing on practicality, comfortability and style all rolled into one product. Gymshark currently has a valuation of nearly £1 billion and continues to expand its range of products worldwide while maintaining its core principles of design excellence, aesthetics and performance innovation.

OakNorth Bank

Founded in 2015, OakNorth is an online bank providing innovative financial solutions to small businesses across the UK economy. The start-up's current valuation stands at over £2 billion, making it one of the most successful start-ups in Britain today. Its mission is to empower entrepreneurs by providing access to capital quickly through its proprietary analytics software - enabling them to make smarter decisions about their finances faster than ever before!


Tide was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Tom Blomfield who wanted to improve banking for small business owners across Britain. Today it is valued at £1 billion, with more than 1 million users actively using its services each month from all across the UK! Their services include holistic digital finance advice and access to business loans designed specifically for small businesses - helping them stay afloat during difficult times or grow quickly when opportunities arise!


Birdie is a start-up that aims to revolutionise how we care for our elderly loved ones by providing personalised home care plans delivered directly through its mobile app or website interface - allowing relatives around the world to monitor their elderly relative's wellbeing from anywhere! Currently valued at £200 million, Birdie utilises AI technology combined with human expertise to offer flexible yet comprehensive care plans tailored specifically for each user's needs regardless of location or budget constraints!


Founded in 2004, Zopa has become one of the most successful peer-to-peer lending platforms operating within Europe today - connecting borrowers with lenders so that both parties can benefit from better rates than what traditional banks have traditionally offered alone! Currently valued at over £700 million, this start-up has continuously innovated within this space despite facing intense competition from other companies such as Funding Circle or RateSetter, showing that they can stay ahead of industry trends whilst delivering exceptional customer experience along the way!


SuperAwesome is a start-up focused on creating innovative kids' digital media experiences that are safe, compliant with global regulations, and still fun enough for children aged 8 – 12 worldwide! With its current valuation standing just shy of £400 million, this start-up delivers content over multiple platforms, including mobile devices, game consoles & smart TVs - meaning no matter where kids go, they should never be bored again!

Monzo Bank

Monzo Bank was founded in 2015 with a singular vision; To help people manage their money better by simplifying banking services into one easy application – complete with budgeting tools & 24/7 support via chat or email, making it easier than ever for customers to keep track of their finances without having to worry about hidden fees or charges! With its current valuation sitting at nearly £3 billion, Monzo Bank continues to disrupt traditional banking models throughout Europe & beyond – leading many people towards taking control of their financial freedom once again without any hassle whatsoever!

Babylon Health

Founded in 2013, Babylon Health is a start-up focused on using artificial intelligence to provide users with improved access to healthcare. Their mission is to make healthcare faster, smarter and more accessible for everybody - enabling patients to book doctor appointments or speak to real doctors online in seconds! With their current valuation sitting at just shy of £2 billion, Babylon Health has quickly become one of the most successful start-ups in the UK, investing heavily in research & development whilst partnering with leading medical institutions such as Imperial College London to ensure their technology remains revolutionary & ahead of its time!


Founded in 2016, Nested is a start-up focused on revolutionising how people buy & sell property. Their proprietary algorithm allows customers to receive an estimated sale price for their home within minutes before heading out into the market - allowing them to gain a competitive advantage when negotiating or bidding for new properties. With a current valuation of £500 million, Nested have quickly become leaders within this space, saving customers time and money and providing them with expert advice throughout the process.

Bulb Energy

Bulb Energy was founded in 2015 with a mission to make energy simpler, cheaper and greener. Since then, they have grown rapidly and now supply renewable energy across the UK, making it easier than ever before for households & businesses alike to switch their energy provider without any hassle whatsoever! Valued at over £600 million today Bulb Energy continues to innovate by offering some of the most competitive tariffs available – as well as offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from all electricity its customers use!

Starling Bank

Starling Bank is an app-based banking start-up aiming to revolutionise how we interact with our finances. By making banking easier than ever before, this start-up provides users with simple interfaces that can be used on any device - allowing you to keep track of your money anytime & anywhere you go! Currently valued at nearly £1 billion, Starling Bank has gained significant media attention due to its focus on customer experience first, making them one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Britain today!


Darktrace is an AI cyber security start-up founded by mathematicians from Cambridge University back in 2013. Their unique technology utilises machine learning algorithms that can detect malicious activity within companies' networks before alerting them instantly so they can take action and prevent any attack from occurring - protecting customer data & company secrets in real time! The start-up currently stands at a valuation of over £ 1 billion and continues to dominate the industry thanks to its innovative approach towards cyber security.


Founded in 2011, TransferWise is a start-up focused on simplifying the international money transfer process. Through their proprietary technology, customers can send money abroad with little to no fees or exchange rate margins - allowing them to save up to 8 times more than traditional banks! With a current valuation of £3.5 billion, TransferWise continues to be one of the leading start-ups in this space and has quickly become a go-to for sending money overseas securely & efficiently.


Founded in 2005, Zopa is an online peer-to-peer platform that connects borrowers and lenders directly, allowing users to access finance quicker than ever before. Through their innovative model, customers have access to competitive rates and incentives and personalised financial advice - helping them make informed decisions every step of the way! With its current valuation sitting at nearly £1 billion, Zopa continues to challenge traditional banks and revolutionise how people borrow & lend money today.


Cazana was founded in 2014 with the goal of disrupting the used car market through its real-time vehicle data service. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Cazana allows independent dealers or individuals alike to value any vehicle accurately within seconds, empowering them with actionable insights to help them make better decisions when buying or selling cars. Currently valued at over £200 million, Cazana continues to expand throughout Europe & beyond – saving customers both time & money whilst providing them with unprecedented transparency throughout the entire process!


Tide is an app-based start-up designed for small businesses aiming to simplify their finances without worrying about hidden charges or fees! Through their advanced technology, customers can get paid faster, control costs easier and handles administrative tasks more simpler – giving them more time to focus on important things like growth! Valued at over £500 million, Tide continues to provide small businesses across Britain with revolutionary tools needed to succeed financially & professionally today!


BigChange was founded in 2013 with a mission of revolutionising mobile workforce management software by making it easier than ever before to create job plans; assign tasks; track performance; capture invoice data, and much more! Their unique system gives companies total visibility & control over what’s happening within one easy dashboard – ensuring that all operations remain efficient & optimised regardless of size or complexity. Currently valued at over £400 million, BigChange continue to provide companies across Britain with an unparalleled level of customer service & support necessary to succeed within their industries today!


Founded in 2012, Deliveroo is an app-based start-up revolutionising the home food delivery market by connecting customers with the best local restaurants. Through their innovative technology, customers can order food from wherever they are and have it delivered within minutes – making it easier than ever before to enjoy their favourite meals. With its current valuation of over £2 billion, Deliveroo continues to dominate the industry thanks to its efficient ordering system & a large selection of restaurants available across Britain!


Founded in 2006, Unruly is a start-up focused on helping brands create, measure & optimize impactful video experiences across paid, owned & earned channels. With a proprietary platform combining data science & storytelling, Unruly has quickly become one of the leading players in this space – allowing brands to reach massive audiences while also understanding how those ads perform! Currently valued at close to £250 million, Unruly continues to play an instrumental role in digital marketing & helping companies grow both online and offline.


Improbable was founded in 2012 with a mission to change how games are designed, operated & monetized by leveraging distributed simulation technology. Through their SpatialOS platform, developers can now create larger worlds faster whilst being able to scale more efficiently due to real-time analytics and insights provided throughout each session! Valued at over £1 billion, Improbable continues to shake up the gaming industry and lead the way for more interactive experiences unlike ever before!

Bloom & Wild

Founded in 2013, Bloom & Wild is a start-up specialising in delivering beautiful bouquets and plants directly to people’s doorsteps through their unique letterbox delivery system. By utilising technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, they have been able to personalise offerings while also offering flexible subscription services – giving customers more control over when they receive flowers or plants each month! With its current valuation sitting at nearly £500 million, Bloom & Wild continues to revolutionise flower delivery services across Britain and beyond!


Yoti was founded in 2014 aiming to simplify online security & identity verification through a single trusted digital identity that users can use anywhere on the internet. By providing customers with secure digital identities, they can start confidently engaging with any service provider while ensuring that their data stays safe every step of the way! Valued at nearly £200 million, Yoti stands out among start-ups today thanks to its revolutionary approach towards cyber security and ability to protect user data like no other company before!


Founded in 2011, Iwoca is a start-up that provides small businesses with flexible financial solutions such as short-term loans and overdrafts. With the help of their innovative technology, they can provide businesses with instant decisions and quick access to funding – helping them start, grow or manage cash flow efficiently! Currently valued at close to £500 million, Iwoca has been instrumental in providing UK start-ups with a dependable source of finance to reach their goals without any hindrance.


Monzo was founded in 2015 and is now one of the leading digital banks in Britain. They offer start-ups & individuals an alternative way to bank through their app – providing customers with real-time notifications on spending and budgeting, along with other features such as savings accounts, contactless debit cards & more! Valued at over £2 billion, Monzo continues to revolutionise how people manage their finances while ensuring that they have access to all the necessary tools & information needed to stay ahead of the game!


Founded in 2013, Darktrace is a start-up specialising in AI-powered cyber security solutions designed to prevent malicious attacks on business networks. Utilising machine learning algorithms & behavioural analytics, they can detect cyber threats before any damage is done – allowing companies of all sizes to protect themselves from potential harm before it’s too late! With its current valuation of over £1 billion, Darktrace continues to play an integral role in today's security landscape!


Zoopla launched in 2008 as one of Britain's first property search engines – making it easier for buyers, renters & landlords to find exactly what they’re looking for online. Through their innovative technology, users can now access accurate property data from across different regions quickly & efficiently – enabling them to make informed decisions when searching for homes or investments. Currently valued at nearly £2 billion, Zoopla remains at the top UK start-up today thanks to its reliable platform, which continues to bring a wealth of information to those seeking houses and apartments throughout Britain!

Babylon Health

Founded in 2013, Babylon Health is a start-up focused on transforming how healthcare is delivered by providing people with easy access to medical consultations & advice via video calls or messages. Their services also include symptom checkers, health monitoring apps & more – helping individuals receive personalised care worldwide! Valued at close to £1 billion, Babylon, Health stands out among start-ups today thanks to its revolutionary approach towards accessible healthcare while offering users greater control over their health needs.


Founded in 2019, Hopin is a start-up that provides an online platform for virtual events and conferences. Through their innovative technology, event organisers can create customised virtual event experiences with features such as interactive video streaming, live chat and polling. With a current valuation of £2.1 billion, Hopin continues to revolutionise how people communicate, collaborate and engage with one another during virtual events!


Deliveroo was founded in 2013 and has since become a leader in the food delivery industry. Their start-up provides customers with fast access to their favourite meals through its convenient app – offering them a wide selection of restaurants and takeaways to choose from! Currently valued at £5 billion, Deliveroo stands out among start-ups today thanks to its reliable service, which continues to help make meal times easier for people worldwide!


Cazoo is a start-up founded in 2018 and revolutionised how people buy used cars. Customers can now find the car of their dreams quickly and safely through their online marketplace – with all cars undergoing rigorous checks before being listed on-site! Valued at nearly £5 billion, Cazoo has been instrumental in providing UK start-ups with an easy way to purchase cars while still ensuring quality & safety every step of the way!


Trainline was founded in 1997 as one of the first online travel agencies within Britain – making it easier for people to book train tickets on the go. With the help of their innovative technology, they can provide users with real-time information on timetables & fares so that they can get where they need to without any hassle! Currently valued at close to £3 billion, Trainline continues to be one of the UK's leading start-ups today thanks to its dependable service, which makes travelling simpler than ever before!

Auto Trader

Auto Trader launched in 1977 as one of Britain's earliest web-based car trading services – helping buyers & sellers connect instantly over the web or mobile device. With their dynamic search tools, users can now access detailed car specs and pricing info to know exactly what they’re getting when making purchase decisions! Valued at over £4 billion, Auto Trader remains at the top UK start-up today thanks to its reliable platform, which continues to bring buyers & sellers together effortlessly!

Push Doctor

Founded in 2014, Push Doctor is one of the UK’s leading start-ups offering virtual medical consultations. Through their easy-to-use platform, individuals can now access professional medical advice from the comfort of their own homes – enabling them to receive personalised care without having to wait in long lines or take time off work! Valued at nearly £400 million, Push Doctor continues to revolutionise how healthcare is accessed and delivered across the United Kingdom. Its innovative approach provides users with a hassle-free way of receiving timely diagnosis and treatment.


Founded in 2018, Cazoo is a start-up specialising in online car sales. Through their website, they offer customers a transparent way of buying used cars – allowing them to find vehicles that fit their needs & budget with ease! By eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork or expensive showroom visits, Cazoo has made it easier than ever before buy or sell cars quickly & efficiently – currently valued at over £2 billion, Cazoo stands out among start-ups today thanks to its dependable services, which continue offering customers a convenient & enjoyable car buying experience every time!


Founded in 2012, Hassle.com is a start-up that connects homeowners with local service professionals such as cleaners and gardeners. Their user-friendly platform enables customers to access reliable providers quickly & easily – making it easier than ever before to hire help for all kinds of tasks so that they can start enjoying more free time every day! Valued at close to £150 million, Hassle remains the top UK start-up today as it provides individuals with an affordable & convenient way of finding experienced professionals who can assist them with any job around the home!


Revolut was founded in 2015 and has since grown to become one of the leading digital banks in Britain. They offer start-ups & individuals an alternative way to bank through their app – providing customers with features such as spending analytics, money transfer capabilities, contactless debit cards & more! Currently valued at close to £4 billion, Revolut continues to disrupt traditional banking while also helping users save money on foreign exchange rates and other financial transactions worldwide!

Curve Card

Founded in 2015, Curve Card is a start-up offering customers a new way to manage all their different payment cards under one account. With Curve Card, the individual can now store all their credit/debit cards into one smart card - simplifying everyday expenses while also eliminating the need to carry multiple plastic cards around wherever they go! Valued at over £200 million, Curve Card stands out among start-ups due to its innovative technology, which helps users control their finances better while saving time daily!


Founded in 2013, Ometria is a start-up that provides e-commerce businesses with marketing automation software. Their revolutionary platform enables companies to understand customer behaviour and preferences more deeply by tracking their interactions & activities across multiple channels. With this data, they can then send out personalised communications & promotions to customers, giving them a more enjoyable shopping experience every time! Valued at over £100 million, Ometria continues to remain one of the top start-ups today due to its ability to provide businesses with powerful insights that drive growth & engagement for their brands!


Bulb was founded in 2015 and has since grown to become one of Britain’s leading renewable energy start-ups. They offer customers an alternative way to power their homes & businesses through clean energy sources such as solar & wind power – allowing individuals access to affordable electricity without worrying about environmental impact! Valued at nearly £600 million, Bulb stands out among start-ups thanks to its commitment to providing users with reliable green energy solutions that continue to positively affect the environment while also reducing energy costs for everyone involved!


Founded in 2014, Fever is a start-up offering customers an easy way to discover the best activities & experiences around them. Through their user-friendly app, they can now find cool events such as concerts, exhibitions, festivals and more – helping people make the most of their free time without having to search endlessly online or risk going somewhere unknown! Valued at close to £400 million, Fever remains a successful start-up today due to its ability to provide users with exceptional entertainment opportunities right where they live!


Founded in 2014, Spotahome is a start-up specialising in long-term rental accommodation. Their innovative platform helps people find the perfect home quickly by providing detailed listings, photos, descriptions and ratings from other tenants – making it easier to choose a living arrangement that best suits individual needs! Currently valued at over £500 million, Spotahome continues to stand out among start-ups thanks to its dependable services, which offer customers a safe and secure way of finding suitable long-term housing options no matter where they go!

Secret Escapes

Founded in 2011, Secret Escapes is a start-up offering members exclusive discounts on luxury getaways worldwide. Through their website, individuals can now book dream vacations such as 5-star hotel stays, cruises or safaris at discounted rates – enabling them to take once-in-a-lifetime trips without breaking bank accounts! Valued at nearly £300 million, Secret Escapes continues to remain the top UK start-up today due to its ability to provide users with amazing travel experiences, all while helping them save money every single time!

That's it

The start-ups listed above are just a few of the many that are thriving in the UK. These businesses have found innovative ways to solve various problems and provide valuable customer service. They continue to grow at an impressive rate, and it is likely that they will continue to do so for years to come. Thanks for reading!

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