Guy Ligertwood sitting behind the desk

Hey👋, Farzan & Guy here.
Thanks for visiting Founderoo

Farzan and I own and run Founderoo from Sydney, Australia.

We met while working together at Invoice2go in Sydney. I was a Product Designer, and Farzan was a Product Manager.

We worked well together and became good mates. We always talked about running businesses and how people become successful. We still do.

All this talk led us to set up Founderoo as a business in November 2022.

We still work in our product manager/design roles. When we find time, we work on Founderoo.

As I write this (18 Dec 2022), Founderoo is small. We have fifty founder stories published and lots of plans coming together.

We started Founderoo as we love the stories of founders. We aim to have the world's most extensive and inspiring library of founder stories.

There's lots of work to do, so join our journey and sign up for the newsletter, so you never miss a founder story.