The 40 best websites to read about entrepreneurs and business founders

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The 40 best websites to read about entrepreneurs and business founders

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There's a tonne of great places where you can read and listen to stories and tips about starting a business. Here's a few that should keep you busy for a while:

A go-to for all things entrepreneurship, this website features inspiring stories of successful business leaders as well as practical advice and tips for growing your own business.


These popular magazines offer a mix of news and personal essays from top industry players, providing insight into the successes and challenges faced by today's entrepreneurs.

Fast Company

This magazine focuses on innovative companies and individuals, offering a unique perspective on the future of business and technology.

Startup Grind

This community aims to educate and connect entrepreneurs through events and an online blog featuring interviews with founders from different industries.


Keeping up with the fast-paced world of tech startups, this website offers breaking news and in-depth analysis of the newest companies and trends.

The New York Times' Corner Office  

This column features interviews with business leaders, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their personal experiences and leadership styles.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Lectures from top entrepreneurs, executives, and investors are posted on this Stanford University site, providing inspiration and valuable insight for all levels of business professionals.

Harvard Business Review

Featuring articles written by industry experts, this publication delves into various aspects of management and leadership to provide practical advice for improving performance within organizations.

Y Combinator's Startup Library

This online library compiles essays from top founders, investors, and industry experts about every aspect of starting and growing a successful business.

The Lean Startup

Based on the popular business methodology, this website offers resources for entrepreneurs looking to increase their chances of success through experimentation and continuous improvement.

Small Business Trends

Written for small business owners, this website offers the latest news and practical tips for managing and growing a small business.

Women 2.0

This online publication focuses on women in technology, offering inspiration through personal stories as well as advice for navigating the male-dominated tech industry.

The Muse

Offering career advice for both individuals and companies, this website features interviews with successful professionals from a variety of industries.

Startup Nation

This website provides resources and networking opportunities for all types of entrepreneurs, with a focus on helping small businesses succeed.

Shopify Plus Blog

Ecommerce businesses can get valuable insights from this blog, featuring success stories and practical advice for growing an online store.

StartUp Professionals Musings

Serial entrepreneur Martin Zwilling shares his experiences and advice on startups, leadership, and more through this informative blog.

Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

This community brings together successful young entrepreneurs to share their experiences and offer inspiration to fellow business professionals.


Featuring interviews with successful young entrepreneurs as well as practical advice, this website provides valuable resources for millennial business professionals.

Entrepreneur on Fire

This popular podcast features daily interviews with successful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and insights.

The $100 MBA

Offering concise, practical business lessons in the form of daily 10-minute audio episodes, this is a valuable resource for busy professionals.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Bestselling author Tim Ferriss speaks with top performers from various industries to uncover their methods for success.

Startup Therapy

This podcast focuses on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, featuring personal stories and advice from successful business owners.

Supermaker founder stories

A stunning blog on what is like to start a startup.

Being Boss

Designed for creative entrepreneurs, this podcast covers various aspects of running a successful business and balancing work and life.

The School of Greatness

Through inspirational interviews and personal stories, this podcast explores what it means to live a great life and achieve success.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

NPR host Guy Raz speaks with founders behind popular companies to learn about their journeys to success.


Aimed at helping aspiring and current entrepreneurs improve their businesses, this website features expert interviews and courses on various topics related to entrepreneurship.

Small Business Bonfire

This online community provides a platform for small business owners to connect and learn from each other through resources, discussions, and expert advice.

Balance the grind

Balance the Grind is a work-life balance publication built on conversations, ideas and community. They're on a mission to showcase healthy work-life balance through interesting stories from people all over the world, in different careers and lifestyles.


A content site for startups founders. They publish weekly interviews and short and long-form articles to help you become a better founder.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

This website offers unconventional yet practical advice for small business owners, with a focus on taking action and getting results.


With a focus on young entrepreneurs, this magazine features interviews with successful founders as well as practical tips for growing a business.

Smart Passive Income

Through personal experiences and expert interviews, this blog helps individuals create passive income and grow their businesses.

This website offers resources for startups, including tools and services to help launch and grow a business.

Starter Story

At Starter Story, we interview successful entrepreneurs and share the stories behind their business. In each interview, we ask how they got started, how they grew, and how they run their business today.

Side Hustle Nation

Learn about various strategies for achieving financial independence through starting a successful side hustle or small business.

Women on Business

Featuring interviews with successful female entrepreneurs, this website offers inspiration as well as practical advice for business professionals.

The Fizzle Show

Designed for creative entrepreneurs, this podcast covers various aspects of building a successful online business and living a fulfilling life.

Founder stories, F2 capital

Founder Stories is all about the life, journey and chutzpah of Israel’s visionaries in business, life and culture.

Startup success stories - Google

Meet founders and startups proving that innovation happens everywhere

As you can see, there are a variety of websites and podcasts available for individualsj looking to learn from successful entrepreneurs and business founders. From practical lessons to inspirational stories, these resources provide valuable insights for current and aspiring business professionals. Which ones will you check out? Happy learning!

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