Boring without you · Davey Rooney

Skincare brand Boring without you is catering to an often forgotten skin type – combination. And they donate a quarter of profits to mental health charities chosen by you.

September 28, 2022
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Table of contents

  • Boring without you
  • Founders - Davey Rooney & Jordan Meachen
  • Based in Melbourne
  • Started in 2022
  • 2 founders

Davey, what's your backstory?

I studied broadcasting and have started and run multiple businesses, such as undercutting the school tuck shop selling chocolate bars and, more recently, a company that offers reusable drink ware. I spent many years working in media and advertising for some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest media companies, and now I run a copywriting business working with brands worldwide. My passion is skincare, and I currently study cosmetic science.

Tell us what your company does?

We make skincare just for pals with combination skin, and we donate a quarter of the profits to mental health charities. Combination skin is like the unloved child of the skincare industry, and in case you don’t know, it’s when you have an oily T Zone (nose and forehead) but dry or normal cheeks and jaw. It makes finding skincare a wee bit difficult. So we developed a multi-mask called ‘For Face Sake’ with two unique formulas in one jar. 

The creamy whipped butter absorbs excess oil, unclogs pores, and reduces the appearance of blemishes on your T Zone. While the soothing jelly nourishes, calms, hydrates, and gently exfoliates your U Zone – leaving a soft, smooth, and clear complexion. We call it a day spa in a jar, and it really is. 

We also understand the link between skin health and mental health, and there are three ways we aim to improve young people's mental health. 

  1. Change the conversation around acne. No stigma. No shame. We use models with real skin and preach self-acceptance no matter where you are in your skin journey. 
  2. Encourage conversations about mental health. 
  3. And donate a quarter of profits to mental health charities. Customers can choose from one of five charities and checkout.

How is your skincare brand different to others? 

We are the only skincare brand in the world just for people with combination skin. And with the rise of the clean beauty movement, the skincare industry has created commonly held beliefs that just aren't scientifically true. Parabens are safe, and preservatives won't kill you! We reject clean beauty and do away with the bullshit it perpetuates.

How did you come up with the idea?

It started with a walk in the park. It was Covid, and I was experiencing four horrible months of bullying in the workplace. It was the worst my mental health has ever been and the lowest point of my life. My anxiety was at an all-time high, and I wanted out.

We walked, talked, and brainstormed problems and how we could solve them. As a cosmetic science student, I know people with severe skin concerns are three times more likely to suffer from mental health conditions. And beauty brands often have a major role to play by perpetuating an unrealistic standard of beauty.

Boring Without You skincare was born. The only skincare brand for combination skin with a quarter of profits donated to mental health charities.

How did you go about building and launching the business?

Throughout the formulation of For Face Sake, we worked with two certified dermatologists, three cosmetic chemists, one independent testing lab, and a certified Melbourne-based manufacturer. It was a lengthy process spanning two years to create this jar of multi-mask magic.

We sold out of our official launch in 20 days. People love the mask, lots have already returned for a second order, and we receive hundreds of comments thanking us for making something just for combination skin. 

But I think people most resonate with our fresh skincare approach. Skincare that challenges beauty standards does away with clean beauty industry bullshit and makes an impact by donating a quarter of profits to mental health charities. It's not just an effective product. It's something people want to be a part of.

How have you grown the business?

We know when people use For Face Sake, they love it. But they need to find it first. So, it's about capturing attention and getting as many eyeballs on this product as possible. Our primary strategy is organic growth through TikTok while funnelling people to our owned channels. 

I started TikTok to document the journey of creating a brand, and it has given my audience a front-row seat to all the highs and massive lows. I also build authority on the platform by providing skincare tips and promoting my favourite brands. 

We did a gifting campaign with creators that saw us get a lot of visibility. Each creator got a personalised cookie with their name and a gift that relates specifically to them. Some creators got a framed photo of their favourite band, and others got a cute toy for their cat. They loved it! 

Another fun thing we did was sending a cake to media companies with the journalist's faces printed on them. It got a lot of attention and even scored us some PR articles.

What's your biggest selling product/service?

For Face Sake

What have been some of your biggest failures along the way?

We were initially called Prickly Pear, but when we applied for the Trademark, we got denied. We had to rebrand our whole business and choose a new name, costing us thousands before we even launched. 

What's next for you and your business?

More skincare just for combo skin pals.

What digital tools do you use regularly?


What books have been a great inspiration to you as a founder?

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

Any podcast/websites that help you run your business?

Diary of a CEO with StevenBartlett
How I Built This with Guy Raz.

What do you love and hate about being a founder?

I love the freedom and creativity. I hate the admin. 

What do you do to look after your mental health as a founder?

It’s important to mention that everyone has negative thoughts and self-talk. This is normal. It’s how we manage those thoughts and mitigate the power they hold that determines whether they will actually impact us. I like to remind myself of all the great things I’ve done and how far I’ve come. Of course, if you’re hungry and tired, these thoughts become stronger and louder, so it’s essential to look after yourself. For me, that involves getting nine hours of sleep a night, sauna, eating regularly, and receiving lots of hugs from my boyfriend.

In a few words, sum up what it means to be the founder of a business

Bringing ideas to life.

What are the biggest pieces of advice you’d give to other founders?

Have a clear vision and the ability to communicate that vision. Think about how you will market yourself and dare to be bold.

Where can people find out more about your business?

TikTok: @Skincaredavey@boringwithoutyou

Instagram: @boringwithoutyou_

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