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Andrew G, the mastermind behind, has consistently showcased his entrepreneurial spirit. From his teenage years selling items on eBay to founding a SaaS business during his college days, Andrew's journey epitomizes his unwavering passion and dedication to the world of business.

The Early Days: eBay and Baseball Cards

At the tender age of 13, Andrew was already bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. While many of his peers were engrossed in school activities and games, he was busy trading baseball cards and selling various items on eBay. This wasn't merely a pastime; it marked the commencement of an extraordinary journey.

Andrew Gazdecki's SaaS Odyssey: The Tale of Bizness Apps,

In the vast SaaS universe, Andrew Gazdecki's adventure with Bizness Apps, stands out. Initiated during his college years, Business Apps played a pivotal role in shaping his entrepreneurial path.

Humble Beginnings: Before Bizness Apps, Andrew had ventured into creating a job board, which he later sold. The proceeds from this sale became the seed money for Bizness Apps. With an ambition to democratize app building, Andrew set out to develop a no-code app builder.

Building the Team: Andrew's methodology for team building was a blend of strategy and serendipity. He fortuitously met an engineer from China, Raymond Chester, whom he saw as a potential CTO for any top-tier Silicon Valley firm. Recognizing Raymond's expertise, Andrew collaborated with him and further expanded his team by recruiting many of Raymond's colleagues. This initiative resulted in a dedicated team house in China with approximately 20 engineers. Moreover, he extended his operations globally, establishing teams in both Russia and Ukraine.

Scaling the Venture: Bizness Apps was more than just a startup for Andrew; it was a passion project that he nurtured and grew over eight years. In this timeframe, the company reached an impressive annual recurring revenue of 10 million and grew its team to over a hundred members. This journey, however, was not devoid of challenges, particularly in managing a sizable team and maintaining consistent growth.

The Decision to Sell: At one juncture, Andrew declined a 30 million offer for Bizness Apps. However, he eventually chose to sell it, a decision influenced by various factors, including the intricacies of managing a large team and the allure of exploring new ventures. The company was sold in an all-cash deal, with Andrew availing the benefits of the QSBS (Qualified Small Business Stock) tax advantage.

Crypto Dive: Venturing into a New Realm

The dynamic world of cryptocurrency beckoned next. Andrew founded a crypto protocol company, adeptly navigating the intricate and often unpredictable domain of digital currencies. This venture too found success and was acquired by Bank to the Future.

The Genesis of

Post the sale of Bizness Apps, Andrew experienced an epiphany. He identified a void in the market concerning startup acquisitions. While there was an abundance of resources on initiating and scaling a business, guidance on selling a startup was sparse.

Determined to bridge this gap, Andrew launched But his vision went beyond just establishing a platform; he aimed to revolutionize the acquisition process. Instead of imposing a commission on sellers, he introduced a subscription fee for buyers, placing founders at the center of the process.

The Birth and Rise of Decoding Andrew G's Strategy, when mentioned in the context of startup marketplaces, is likely among the first names that come to mind. But what's the story behind its inception? Let's delve deeper into Andrew Gazdecki's journey and the evolution of

The Catalyst for

Following the successful sale of Bizness Apps, Andrew recognized a significant gap in the startup ecosystem. While there were ample resources on launching and scaling businesses, there was a conspicuous absence of guidance on exit strategies. Coupled with the fragmented M&A market, this led Andrew to conceptualize He believed the startup community needed a unified platform for acquisitions, and he took it upon himself to create it.

The Initial Grind

Like any startup, the early days of were a whirlwind of enthusiasm, challenges, and relentless effort. Andrew managed the platform's multifaceted operations, from customer support and product management to marketing, vetting listings, and coordinating with sellers. What began as a seemingly modest side project soon gained significant momentum.

Securing the First Customers

How did Andrew secure the platform's initial users? Leveraging his extensive background in sales and marketing, he initiated comprehensive cold outbound email campaigns. By reaching out to potential buyers and startups, he inquired about their interest in either selling or purchasing businesses. This proactive strategy, combined with's distinct value proposition, seeded the platform with its foundational users.

Validating the Business Concept

The real affirmation for arrived when it facilitated its first acquisition merely a month post-launch, even before establishing a solid revenue model. The swift success and traction underscored that Andrew had indeed identified a genuine market demand.

Team Dynamics

For the inaugural year, Andrew single-handedly steered the ship. While he advocates for early team-building or finding a co-founder, his hands-on approach during this phase yielded invaluable insights. It granted him a deep understanding of customer requirements, enabling him to refine the platform and determine its future trajectory.'s Future Vision: Pioneering a Global M&A Landscape

In the dynamic realm of startups, mergers, and acquisitions,, previously known as MicroAcquire, emerges as a paragon of innovation and potential. But what lies ahead for this groundbreaking platform? Let's explore the visionary aspirations of its founder, Andrew Gazdecki.

1. Crafting a Global M&A Marketplace: Andrew's aspirations for are both ambitious and pragmatic. He envisions it as the "Zillow for M&A," striving to establish a contemporary, global M&A marketplace. The existing M&A arena is segmented, with different entities operating in isolation. aims to unify this domain, amalgamating all stakeholders in M&A transactions, from investment bankers and M&A advisors to due diligence professionals and accountants.

2. Prioritizing Community:'s emphasis on community has been a distinguishing feature of its journey. Andrew's recent fundraising event, which amassed an astounding 2.5 million impressions on Twitter, attests to the brand's influence and reach. This community-centric approach is poised to remain integral to's future initiatives.

3. Innovating with MicroSPAC: The "MicroSPAC" concept epitomizes's spirit of innovation. This endeavor, which entailed raising capital to assist an entrepreneur in purchasing a business listed on the platform, highlighted the potential of community-driven acquisitions. While the "SPAC" nomenclature might undergo rebranding given its current market associations, the core idea presents a novel opportunity for to transform the acquisition landscape.

4. Championing Operators: Andrew acknowledges the plethora of skilled operators who may lack the necessary capital to acquire a business. With numerous businesses on crafted by individuals unfamiliar with scaling, a unique opportunity arises. By connecting these operators with potential investors, can orchestrate acquisitions that are mutually beneficial.

5. Broadening the Ecosystem: Beyond merely serving as a marketplace for business transactions,'s vision encompasses an expansive ecosystem. Andrew envisions developing tools to streamline acquisitions and even potentially enabling startups to secure capital from investors within the platform.

In conclusion, Andrew Gazdecki's blueprint for is lucid: to transform the M&A domain, making it more transparent, accessible, and community-centric. As the platform continues its evolution, it is set to redefine the paradigms of the startup and acquisition world.

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